About Us

Since its establishment in 1971, The Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office has provided our community with a range of essential law enforcement services and programs administered under our various divisions:

  • Court Services Division (Court Security and Civil Process)
  • Division of Enforcement (Warrant, Traffic, and K-9 Unit)
  • Division of Community Affairs (Senior Unit for the elderly, Youth Services programs, and the D.A.R.E. Unit)

We are responsive to the needs and concerns of our citizens, and we strive each day to show regard for our residents through multiple public safety and community awareness initiatives. The programs managed by the Division of Community Affairs are especially close to the heart of our Sheriff.

The Sheriff’s Office has a mandate to serve ALL people, and the innovative courses we offer incarcerated individuals at the Portsmouth City Jail provide them with opportunities for change and personal growth. For the first time since the establishment of the Sheriff’s Office, incarcerated individuals can now participate in a number of programs including: A.R.C.H. (Actively Restoring Citizens Holistically), the Think for A Change Program, and the GED Certificate course.

Division Of Jail Operations

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The primary responsibility of the Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office Division of Corrections is to ensure the safety and security of everyone housed within the jail facility. It is headed by the Chief Deputy of Jail Operations.The Division of Corrections consists of the following units: Intake, Receiving and Booking, Classification, and Records.

Contact Information:

Jail Administration: (757) 393-8210
Intake, Receiving and Booking: (757) 391-3199
Portsmouth City Jail: (757) 391-3177 or (757) 391-3178
Classifications Unit: (757) 391-3195
Records Unit: (757) 391-3175

Division of Administration

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The Civil Process Unit is responsible for serving summonses and subpoenas for criminal and civil cases as scheduled by the District Court, Circuit Court, and Juvenile Court.

Civil papers are served on behalf of individuals, private attorneys, and the court. Civil papers, sometimes known as complaints, are not limited to but include: garnishments, orders of protection, injunctions prohibiting harassment, petitions for supplemental proceedings, child support, divorce papers, and collection letters.

Deputies are also responsible for handling evictions, Sheriff’s sales, and other civil actions.

Contact Information:

Court Services Unit:
Court Security Unit: (757) 391-3202
Civil Process Unit: (757) 393-5030
Division Of Enforcement:
Criminal Apprehension Unit: (757) 393-8678,Traffic Unit, and K-9 Unit.
Division of Professional Standards:
Human Resources: (757) 393-5028 and Accreditation.

Core Values

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Honor is the driving force behind all of our actions. Our code of honor requires us to model ethical and moral behavior at all times, to value every individual, and to demonstrate respect for our citizens and for each other.

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We are committed to providing prompt, professional, and courteous service. We will remain unbiased in our response to community concerns, and when duty calls, we are prepared to sacrifice ourselves, placing the needs of others above our own.

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Integrity is empowering. It is our moral compass. It demands that we be accountable for our actions. Integrity is the inner voice that directs us to do the right thing even when no one is looking.